Welcome to the College Closet


Watcha..Gonna do with all that junk, all that junk, up in your trunk?   We’re gonna sell $ sell  all that junk, all that junk, up in your trunk!

The College Closet (TCC) understands most college students are on a limited budgets.  So, we offer the Monroe, Orleans  Genesee county college students (The College Connection) a way to make some cash $$ by selling  your slightly used items in our virtual store or by using our college auctioning service.

The College Closet offers college students and others on the college campus a personalized selling and buying experience with  The College Closet TCC The College Connection!

Have you taken your goods to other places & other closets where they offer you pennies on your dollar(s).

With us, You set your price range, We pick up the goods, We take the photos & writes quirky descriptions & We sells your items and hand deliver the goods to other local college campuses.

Let us put “all your junk up in our trunk” and a chunk of change in your pocket!

Sell it @ The College Closet.

Email Us – getalloverit@thecollegecloset.com