Wearexchanging @The CollegeClosetValueClub

These are slightly used products that our students have decided to sell or wear exchange.  You must be a TCCV Club Member to participate. Club Membership is a monthly fee of          .

With this fee, you are able to wear exchange clothing articles of equal value and have the option of purchasing your exchange.  Your items will be listed in our wear exchange collection.  

When listing an item, the seller places a reasonable value on the item in the wear exchange program! You may exchange your item with another member of The College Closet Value Club, who has listed an item in our wear exchange virtual store.

Twice a month,  you can choose up to two outfits (4 pieces). If you choose to keep any of your items TCC will process your sale.


*Items sold are subject to auction fees which will be deducted at time of sale.

Your items will be delivered to the campus for a delivery fee.