Wear Exchanging Program & How It Works

                                                  What'cha gonna do with all that junk,                                                                 all that junk, up in your trunk!

                                                 We're gonna sell sell sell all that junk,                                                              all that junk up in your trunk @                                                                                    the College Closet.

Wear that happens @ College stays @ College.

This is wear you,The College Closet Value Club Member (TCCV), can exchange your wears with other college students.  You, as a value club member, can list your items and either sell your items through our auction service/e-store or have fun with our wear exchanging program.

U Put a reasonable price on your item. For a small fee , we pick up your items on campus, we take pictures of your items, write quirky descriptions then list them in our store and auction service program.  Your items are placed on our e-store and if you want to participate in our wear exchange program.

When someone wants to buy it or wear-exchange it they pay the price you are asking to wear it or we can barter a wear exchange for it.  Both members must have items for sale to wear exchange BARTER and must be a TCCV  members & both parties agree to wear exchange.  

The College Closet delivers it on campus the day of your campus deliver.  It's that easy and if you choose to sell, then when it's sold you get a chunk of change in your pocket!